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I am terrified of all things technology and feel like it was an ancient language. RJ has such a wealth of knowledge that she could easily recommend systems and tools for things that are central to my business. Amazingly, even if I had a developing idea about something, she would automatically recommend a system or service to help systematize my idea. I still don’t like all things tech BUT I no longer get a headache thinking about systems, which empowers me to systematize as much as possible.

Words can not explain: her brilliance + her compassion = her badassedness!
Seeing RJ’s excitement and passion to help me get my business moving efficiently was comforting and insightful. Every time she saw my frustration building she quickly jumped in, kindly reassured me that I could do this, and was willing to hold my hand to get me started.
If you are anything like me (a first-time entrepreneur/ a fully capable individual/ do not or desire to speak any tech language/ and want to focus on what you do best), then RJ Lewis is hands down the person you need. Her focus is to get you comfortable and knowledgeable on the basics to understand your business’s systems so you can hire the right tech person and focus on your greatness. She IS worth every dollar !!!
Dr. Carrie O. Graham
Adult Learning Expert | Curriculum Designer

... the part where I have a pretty pdf for you to download

Uhm — yeah — N0(!) to that ish

PDF downloads can suck it, and if people claiming to be “into tech” give them to you, they probably don’t like you all that much.

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