What is BOSS AF ??

The Business Operations System Strategy Alignment Framework

your plan for the busy, yet vital work that supports your best work.

Your system strategy is the deciding factor of whether it’s time to take your biz to new heights or start this whole online business thingy over after your vacay (or not). . .

The scenario that fits you right now, doesn’t have to be your reality in 120 days.

Ready to decide how your business gets things done + get the support you need to DO them!?

Work with us in 120-day sprints to take action towards an understandable ecosystem that just works for you.

Plan. Assess. Work. Review.

Plan + Discuss

Your priorities are the foundation for our work together. We kick things off with a planning meeting to dive deep into what is fraggravating you day-to-day.

Assess + Decide

After your planning meeting, we get nerdy and research [and test] and present you with a recommended blueprint for you to decide [and delegate] the work.

Work + Collaborate

The team will communicate with you via timely task reminders, weekly status reports, and a 30-min check-in meeting to keep the work flowing smoothly.

Review + Improve

The final 45-minute meeting is our time to talk about how things are working for you, discuss the adjustments that you need, and your support needs going forward.

What's IN the Box?

BOSS AF Program operates in collaborative, four-month sprints.

The THINK consultation service is the foundational sprint of the BOSS AF Framework.

During each phase, our team collaborates with your stakeholders to solve a business need by answering one question about your business development:
What’s the experience that you WANT to have for your customers and for yourself?

  • INVESTIGATION PHASEapprox. 6-weeks
    During the Investigation Phase, we come together to question the full picture of your business experience.  Once the team has met with your stakeholders and conducted our research, we provide you with detailed reports of our recommendations for the people, processes, and platforms that we believe will support and empower your work.
    We will discuss what you’re selling, how you sell it, what is and is not working (and why).
    Lets meet and review your entire operation, including:
    • customer acquisition strategy,
    • invoicing and payment processes,
    • customer onboarding/offboarding,
    • logistics, fulfillment, and supply chain
    We’ll meet to review the recommendations, answer any questions you might have. We  capture and document your plans to implement your operations system.
    Whether you choose to have us, your team, or some hybrid of the two to actually build your system, you are not alone in this time.  We will continue to partner with you on this journey by checking in with you and helping to track the work-in-progress.
  • REVIEW PHASEat least 2-weeks
    Even though we collaborate throughout the process, we allow dedicated time to continue to discuss your comfort with the procedures that have been implemented.

The Bottom Line

This 120-day sprint is for you if you need to dedicate time to think about how you want to do business and understand the tools you will need to execute it smoothly.  We are your partner in:

  • business development,
  • research,
  • recommendations,
  • project management, and
  • task management

THINK Investment: Starting at $8400

Each 120-day sprint is designed to help you work on the operations system to support one business.  Combine multiple services to suit your business needs and accommodate multiple business ventures. Payment plans are available.

Schedule a 20-minute consultation to get started.

Why the BOSS AF Program??

Because you’ve turned your dream into a J O B.

and now you’re looking for the secret sauce to stop the hair-on-fire situations that just KEEP happening!

Join this program & let's systematize your business processes.

Turn tedious “todos” and last minute “stuff” into standard procedures with repeatable results..

RJ Lewis Digital helped streamline my business so that I am now connecting with my patients more professionally and intimately than ever before.
Many of the time-consuming but necessary parts of my business have been enhanced by RJ’s input, creative ideas, and true time-saving and professional solutions that have taken my business to the next level.