How and where do YOU manage your passwords?

What to expect

If you're sure that moving through life with a lovingly page-protected document with all of your passwords on it is secure, it might be time for this upgrade.

How and where do YOU manage your passwords?
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The time has come for us to have, “THE Talk”. 🤦🏾‍♀️
👀 You know the one I’m talking about.  

Tell the truth RIGHT NOW and shame the devil.

Where do you keep your passwords and how many of them are the same?

Here’s the thing.  If there was any period of time on this earth that you should be super security conscious, it’s 2020 aka the year we’re all somehow guaranteed to get hacked. Somehow.  Somewhen. It’s just bound to happen. . .

Here I was, happily minding my black-owned business, planning to send out this wonderfully crafted, AMAZINGLY insightful — and occasionally tongue-in-cheek — email to get YOUR thoughts on using email marketing as the HUB of your customer relationship management system. 

I was doing an impromptu small group office hours and the subject of passwords came up and BROKE MY BRAIN 🤯

Picture this: 
You're travelling. You have this lovingly page-protected list with all of your passwords on it. .  .  . It's all fun, games, hijinks, and shenanigans until something happens to your luggage. ijs

AND I’ll say it again .  .  .

🔥 Only YOU can prevent forest fires and here is how!

Choose one of these systems to manage passwords & use it religiously

I’m going to discuss two useful ways to manage your passwords that may help you prevent that fire.

  1. Use a password management app, or and not really the best thing for you
  2. Do what you’ve probably already been doing which is using the same password in a number of places, but get a bit more fancy with it

How these two password management systems work:

1. Manage passwords with 1Password

I use it both personally and for my business on ALL of my devices to save passwords AND share need-to-know information with family and clients. All your secure info can be categorized, such as:

  • login information,
  • secure notes,
  • card info,
  • wifi passwords,
  • software licenses, and
  • SO many more things

The first time you’re trying to remember the email address you used to sign up for ABC Mouse and when you bought it because school just started, your kid can’t log in on that iPad, and you can’t find the email that says you already own this thing for their support people to help you out (true story); you be sure and email me and we’ll celebrate together, k? 🥰

I’m so glad we could have this talk and that you’re going to 

  • leave this mini-check-in,
  • grab that Word doc,
  • sign on up for 1password, and
  • get super serious about security on this lovely Friday morning!

2. Manage passwords with a naming convention

Let’s be clear.  I absolutely recommend using a software for this, but not everyone is on board, and I get that. I’ve got you, so read on!

🤫 This is tip-top secret stuff right here.

  • Step 1: Come up with a phrase that you will remember that contains letters, numbers, and [hopefully] symbols AND is at least 16 characters long.
  • Step 2: Append the initials of the application that you’re logging in to, to this phrase that you’re going to remember and pinky-swear not to write down – anywhere.
  • Step 3:  Remember your phrase and let your naming convention keep you safe and secure, pretty please.

See it in action:

If I’m using UrPa55wrd!5ntGr8 [read Your Password Isn’t Great] as my own personal One password, then when I go to Facebook to log in, my password would actually be FB-UrPa55wrd!5ntGr8.

The caveat to this method.

When Facebook, your favorite store, or any other online location you log in to asks you to create a new password, they will most likely employ some way to keep you from reusing the majority of that old character string, so you are going to have to come with another top-secret phrase for just that platform.

Wrapping it up

With properly implemented password management in your life, you only have to remember ONE password, and using either of these methods means that your ONE; DOES NOT log you into anywhere else 🧘🏾‍♀️

If you’re interested in more information about getting started with the 1Password app, I’ve made a guide (and others) just for people on my mailing list. Sign up below to gain access!

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