You heard “You need systems!” and thought, I’m not “techie!” 

Systems are NOT software.

Your systems are the actions you, your people, and your customers take in your business.

Our job here at RJ Lewis Digital is to help you stop making work hard for yourself.

Deliver a customer experience that makes you [and your clients] smile!

What's IN the Box?

A customer experience designed for people from the inside out.

Our consultation service is the foundation of our work with any client.

Our team collaborates with your stakeholders to solve a business need by working with you to answer one question about your operations: What’s the experience that you WANT to have for your customers and for yourself?

The Process

  • INVESTIGATION – up to 6 collaborative meetings with stakeholders and support staff
    During Investigations, we come together to question the full picture of your business experience.  Once the team has met with your stakeholders and conducted our research, we provide you with detailed reports of our recommendations for the people, processes, and platforms that we believe will support and empower your work.
    We will discuss what you’re selling, how you sell it, what is and is not working (and why).
    Lets meet and review your entire operation, including:
    • customer acquisition strategy,
    • invoicing and payment processes,
    • customer onboarding/offboarding,
    • logistics, fulfillment, and supply chain
  • DECISION up to 2 meetings
    We’ll meet to review the recommendations and answer any questions you might have.  We encourage you to leverage ideation, research, and testing as deliberative tools. RJ Lewis Digital will capture and document your plans to implement your operations system.

The Bottom Line

Your deliverables include your initial report based on our findings and your final action plan report cultivated from your decisions. This service is for you if you need to dedicate time to think about how you want to do business and understand the tools you will need to execute it smoothly.  We are your partner in:

  • business development,
  • research,
  • procedural recommendations,
  • software recommendations,
  • standardization,
  • project management, and
  • experience design
Our services help you design an operations system that suits the needs of your business. Let’s talk about it.

Schedule a 20-minute consultation to get started.

I worked with RJ in the summer of 2020 when my business was experiencing serious bottlenecks in the delivery of services.  I was desperate for expertise in the utility of various software, ways to automate processes, and for a better understanding of how my central software (which is specific to my area of law, immigration) might be able to integrate with other programs I use.

RJ was able to look into the back-end programming of two immigration-specific software (the one I was using at the time and a competitor) and give me specific recommendations for which of the two programs would be the most compatible with the other programs I was using.  Additionally, she spent significant time on a video call showing me different project management software, how they work, and why they might be helpful to my business.  She also provided suggestions for e-commerce software and showed me how I could create my own automations using Zapier.

RJ's wealth of experience and expertise proved very valuable to my business operations.  I would highly recommend her to any law firm or other business interested in improving operations to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why work with us??

Because you’ve turned your dream into a J O B.

and now you’re looking for the secret sauce to stop the hair-on-fire situations that just KEEP happening!

Let's systematize your business processes.

Turn tedious “todos” and last minute “stuff” into standard procedures with repeatable results..

RJ Lewis Digital helped streamline my business so that I am now connecting with my patients more professionally and intimately than ever before.
Many of the time-consuming but necessary parts of my business have been enhanced by RJ’s input, creative ideas, and true time-saving and professional solutions that have taken my business to the next level.
I recently participated in RJ’s Website Bootcamp. I found the organizing worksheet that she gave early on to be incredibly helpful in collecting my thoughts and overall goals for creating my website. She did a really good job of matching the design to my tastes, and I feel like the final product seems very “me” and not a generic site. RJ was really easy with accepting edits and changes, and she was great about vocalizing strategic reasons for placing things “here” instead of “there” that I had never considered. I appreciate her expertise! I am sooooo pleased with how my website turned out and really appreciate RJ’s expertise and guidance.
Within a few minutes, I went from being online marketing plan clueless to having a specific plan of how to attack the world of landing pages. RJ was helpful, timely, patient, and shared her resources and wisdom! It so much easier to do business when you know you have folks with expertise in the area that you are weak!
Nicole Mason, Owner
Glean, LLC